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A late night drive, what I need, a chance to embrace the speed, No cash or slips on the line, just me riding the redline An open road, just two lanes, leave behind the dulling pains Nothing near but trees and hills, it's time for some full speed thrills L...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 55

How do you measure love? What is love? What was predicted, comes true.

Chapter 55 The Measure of Love Kallitris leans to me, hugs me with his wing and kisses in the lips. The pale light from the windshield hits his webbed wings and they light up dark amethyst-purple. What a magnificent creature he is. I would love just to be...


Picture Prompt 1 (With the hand tossing the leaves).

I opened my front door, stepping out of the dusky apartment block hallway into my lounge room, and saw the answering machine flashing wildly. Ten messages. I felt a moment of dread as I wondered how many of the messages were from her. I pressed play... "J...

The Christmas Fishy

What did I find on the end of my line when I went fishing on Christmas Eve?

'Twas the night before Christmas and all down the pier, All the ragworm were wriggling on my dangling gear. And then from the waves, in their tide-turning crash, I reeled in a small fish that did splish, splosh and splash. 'Twas a five-bearded rockling, i...

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Burn The Problem

Burning away the problems of the night.

Another problem to be seen, Coiling up tightly. It turns into a cigar. Grab a lighter, or a match. Light up the cigar. Burn it down with each breath. Just watch it burn, Glowing red, Glowing bright at each inhale. Pull in the smoke, And exhale again. Let...