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What now?

"All alone,what now?"
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Published 7 years ago
It's a beautiful day outside
blue skies not a cloud 
But in here it's stormy 
Grey clouds building thick 
with no signs of clearing.

You have really done it this time 
alienated everyone that helps you,
the people you called friends. Even the person you call your best friend,
the person you always asked for help 
And he bailed you out, if he could.

What are you going to do now? Do you have a plan 
for when you get out of hospital 
and only have twenty dollars,
in your pocket to pay all your bills?

You have no one to turn too, no one wants to know you.
This attention seeking behavior of running to the hospital 
The name calling, pushing, shoving and even hitting at times
has really worked well, as you sit there all alone.
I hope you enjoy it with no one to curl up beside
or comfort you when you are sick or sad.

But you know what the worse thing is 
you tried to bring me down too
telling my friends that I was scum 
Nothing better than a piece of dirt.
You even told them not to ring 
But lucky for me it didn't work.

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