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Better Than a Card

Happy Birthday Dear Nee-Chan!

Swiveling to and fro, I pondered over my desk. Paper covered every inch that the wood finish could not be seen. The elegant pose of the pen in hand, lightly pressed to the thin white sheet , blank and ready for inspiration. I wrote rapidly, each stroke ma...

What now?

All alone,what now?

It's a beautiful day outside blue skies not a cloud  But in here it's stormy  Grey clouds building thick with no signs of clearing.You have really done it this time  alienated everyone that helps you, the people you called friends. Even the person you cal...

The day after her birthday Jen was up earlier than usual as she had a special reason to get to work early. She was s surprised by her Moms sudden appearance in the kitchen. It seems that despite all her attempts at being quiet Mom heard her, she filed awa...

Jen's Flight. Part 1

Jen needed to get away

In the wee hours of the morning, while the rest of her family slept, Jen was packing. A towel wedged under her door assured the light in her room would not be visible from the hallway and invite anyone to inquire if she was OK, she was not OK. An old mili...

I'm sure you don't remember the first time we met. I say "met"; it was but a brief moment in which two strangers passed each other by, one barely noticing the other, if at all, but leaving an unmistakably profound impression on him—on me. No, I am certain...

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No Bigger Than My Hand

Getting my kitty-cat...

Ten minutes before eight o'clock and I was out the door, rushing around the corner to the house owned by the woman who'd promised me my kitten at eight sharp. I knocked at the door even though I didn't see any extra cars in the driveway, figuring they'd j...


A poem on the frustrations of talking about difficult things over the internet

Mist swirls.Every sense strainsto catch a glimpse. A movement.Spinning towards,Find you smilingAll is well.Then probe too deep.Into the mist vanish.Waiting anxiously.No point in searching;The mist conceals.No way to reach you.Then out of this mist,Returni...