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The Sea

"This is a sequel to ‘The Wait’"

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I cast my bait

And wait and wait

My reflection changes, with every wave

My emotions all buried in different graves

There say there's plenty of fish in the sea, so I surf into the sunset

Plenty of fish in the sea, so I surf the internet.

I cry in the rain, as I try to refrain

But my eyes still remain, humid

You see, I once caught a mermaid.

Something new to me

But the darkness in me

Eclipsed her light.

I was a rebel; you was an angel

Wasn't gentle, hated to wait

Only wanted to mate before the date.

It was always my way, and never yours

I guess I truly was never yours

With all the girls and their legs apart

I walked the distance and tore us apart.

I guess I played my part

Pushed the dominos and set things in motion

Threw you back into the ocean, after I gutted your gills

Selfish of me to think that time would heal

You want a little space, but I threw you into space

Pushed all your buttons, like you were a keyboard

Made you hit all tones like a piano keyboard

Sometimes I do wonder if things would have been different

If I acted different or, you met somebody different.

Months go by, and I live in regret

Every decision made after constant debate

I can't think clear

So I drink till I can't see clear.

I keep pouring redbull on my watch hoping time flies

I whisper secrets to a spider as it weaves my web of lies

Dreams turned into crows

And I'm a scarecrow, chasing them away

Beard grown long, ambition now shallow

Life has been a bitter pill to swallow

Gun pointed to my head

I throw it away and hope the tequila shots go straight to my head.

I bath with a blade next to my wrist watch.

The blade is full of empty threats, so I smile at my 'wrist watch' because we both know it’s a ‘waste of time.’

Out of depth, out of breath.

You taught me depth, so I look at these girls in their eyes with the depth of a poet

I see no future; they are as swallow as an amateur’s sonnet.

Only interested in how much I net.

So I draw my net and feed them to the sharks.

I'm tired of hearing your voice when you are not there.

I'm tired of making the wrong choices when you are not there.

I don't like the way the days go by

And I hate the fucking waves because they are a wave goodbye.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I only want you.

So I sit by the shore, from dusk to dawn, from sunrise to sunset.

I cast my bait

And wait and wait





Written by anthonychansa
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