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rolandlytle 6 months ago

My Enemy

Anger is never your friend.

I have seen the enemyMy foe, my cause to stopThey are evil, no doubtirrational violence unending Their acts are heinousMy anger hot as magmadesirous of apoplectic revengeblackening my heart I cannot mirror thei...

These halls feel crowded  Smothering me  So many voices  I need to feel free   Walking faster towards you  I know you’ll be there  Just give me a few more minutes  I’m coming I swear    The crowd seems to increase  Hold...

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TaliaRussell 6 years ago


It's just so hard to do . . .

Try it, you might like it It’s really not so rough Once you get the hang of itAnd practice just enough To some, it’s second natureOthers search the netStill others look to guidance books(Mine isn’t written yet)People will b...