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To Purge

"With grief comes trauma and then the purge"
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Author's Notes

"Just my personal take on grief. It comes in many guises as I have discovered. But when it comes with trauma it takes on a whole new journey of release. The art I did myself to go with the piece"


Shock rushes through your very bones  
To rise and fall like waves of a restless sea  
Plunging your heart deep into the cavity of an abyss  
Where all those go – that are amiss  

You succumb to feeling numb  
The present now out of place  
No trace  
No hint  
Not a single glint  
From what once felt so real  

A tangible being  
To touch  
To smell  
To hear  
… Now you feel  

As they persist to exist in your mind  
You accept in vain  
This insane reality that breeds fears  
At last -  
You purge your grief with tears




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