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Waiting Within

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This is a world of illusion,
where truth gives way to fiction
People say they want the real,
but too much and they will bristle

Where those who say they are open,
lock you out when they are done,
and the non-judgmental among us,
will define you by your weakness

They tell you to let your light shine though,
but only if it stays out of their view,
or that you're connected to all,
while they hide behind a wall

Speak your mind and they shout you down,
as if they wear the final crown,
and all the while they turn away,
from what they don't want you to say

This is why we hide ourselves,
because too many fear our true selves
We put on the costume and mask,
and only give what they ask

If you saw my demons inside,
would you stay or run and hide?
If I shared with you my past,
could you listen until the last?

My dreams and thoughts and hopes,
would you think them clichéd tropes?
And if I spoke of fantasies,
would you somehow think less of me?

Don't ask me to embrace myself,
if it means you'll put me on the shelf
And don't say I have to love me,
when you won't know what you won't see

But show me you can stand my rain,
as I slay my demons and pain,
and I will show you the amazing,
everything within us that's waiting

Written by Sicarium
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