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If I were for REAL

Life should be as colorful as the rainbow... Please remember you are your only painter. alwayssss

If the water can return, take me away please!If the water can take in, it will never grieve!Someone admires you streaming freely!I wish to swap with you, then I can run capricious!If the water were I, it would weep for sure!If I were the water, I would ne...

A generalized affliction A unique depiction Formed of a decision  Judges speculate on the way we living Be them get lost in the crowd Unified by the name on your tag Faceless drones of the system What to be what to eat who to be Wind-up up toy they hold t...

Trust Fall

From my heart

Here I am again thinking of you, and I fear the worst my friend. I push, and I push so no one will stay. I often forget you never go away. It is a struggle, but that’s not my fear. I lay here in agony, and now there are tears. I want never to cause you pa...

Memories are all I have Of the times we had together The smiles were many And tears were few It ended way too soon Now you are gone But I still remain Lost in the memories of yesterday I close my eyes And see you there Dancing and singing You laughing wit...

Devil's Son

Things I should've, would've, could've, done.

Many things in life I have seen and done.Makes me wonder, am I the devil's son? Though I really do not want to be.Times he seems to have hold of me. Does Satan play tricks with my mind?Causing me to sometimes be unkind. When in reality, all I strive to be...

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Wondering how others see me?

Confused I am at times.Putting together rhymes. How do others view me?Do they see the real me? Can they truly visualize?Do they merely fantasize? Can another really feel?My thoughts with zeal. Do they see just a scam?Do they see an old man? Can they feel...

Demons and Faces

Demons and faces that live inside most of us.

Me thinks, people have more than one face,most have two, three, maybe more they chase. One prominent, always on display for all to view,the darker ones exhibited only for that chosen few. Some have many more locked deep inside,never revealing, always maki...

Have You Ever

Have you ever wondered, am I the only one

Have you ever looked into a mirror, the reflection looking back, not recognized? Peering, realizing, you are looking at yourself,another darker side. Someone with, wants and needs other than,those you have allowed others to see. Someone who has visited be...

I fell for someone hardOnline.Seemed like the perfectFit for me.A number of steamyText messages and Instant messagesGave birth to Two hot stories.Everything came toA screeching halt.No connection online,No greeting on my profile,Not even a phone callTo he...