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Rachel_92 3 weeks ago

The Chair

Today, it was my turn in ‘the chair.’

I remember there were two of them, a man and a woman. They both wore masks? First, they sat me in the chair, then shone a bright light in my face. The man shuffled behind me and began to question my plans for the weekend? I couldn't reply because the...

John_Doe 4 years ago

The Smiling Mask

This mask I wear, hides the truth of what lays beneath.

This smiling mask I wearUpon my face for you all to seeHides the anguish beneathAnd the swelling tears in my eyesWhen I look in the mirrorIt's not the one you see before youBut the real face beneathAnd that truly scares meThe harsh cold that surround...

Poppet 8 years ago


This Mask I Wear

This mask I wear, the one you can’t see, it’s there to protect me. I put it on when I need safety. It’s there to protect me. When I feel at my most scared, I put it on, and hide my fears. The pain I've seen and the pain I've felt overwhelms me. I can...

Look Right Through Me

Song quotes from Mad World ~ Gary Jules. I'll show you my clown mask...

"Sit and listen,Sit and listen..." That's all I'll do, I'll sit here, in this seat, Listen to you drone on and on. No, I don't mind, but when you ask me if I'm okay, and I say yes, Can you ask again? Maybe then I'll tell you the truth. "Lo...