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Hey~! I'm just a girl who writes stories when I feel like it ^o^

If you ever read the stories I post, reviews PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!! And ideas too if you have any ^^

Any constructive criticism is welcome

P.s Sorry if I post really slowly... I have work to focus on too... And sometimes my brain just refuses to cooperate with me when it comes to writing ._____.

Reading, Drawing, Basketball, Photography, Listening to music, Watching movies

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Chapter 1:Failed Escape

I haven't really come up with an actual plot yet... R and R if you read this, Please and thanks!

"Rein-- I can't run... anymore..." Jae breathed through his mouth. Rein knew. She was the only one pushing forward through the twigs and dried leaves, he was pulling her backwards. She could feel it through their linked hands as they ran. Jae stumbled, an...