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'I am finally gonna get to come out your way.' Paul smiled as the words appeared on his computer screen, still, even though he liked what he read, he didn't quite believe the words and it would take a moment or two for him to adapt to the statement as bei...

Baseball Or Blasphemy

Not sure what to say on this one as it is what it is.

Baseball Or Blasphemy Wandering souls in the gloom of the dawn, Seeking diamonds, yet they are gone. Cry a warm tear from velvety eyes, Broken hearts and sadness and shadowy lies. Titans tame time, in a rusting can. Giants sorrow, looking out for the man....

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 25

The fear has an end. Demi finds himself at the end of the Fear's rope.

Chapter 25 Flaming Fear “Ah, our sweet Tensartis! Every time it’s the same, my lord, you keep on forgetting to mention the high percentage of hydrogen in the air! Poor boy! Hurry, the shooting will start again any minute!” Pieris drags me into the hole, w...

Sonnets to The Vast Unknown

acceptance of life's mystery and the vast unknown

1 Even in this bright and silent sunlight giving me another day to breath and see another dawn, another noon and night, another chance to wonder what will be and question all that comes into my mind and ponder what I’m doing here today, looking at the sky...

From Morning Songs: Noah's Wife

We never hear of Noah's wife who quietly did her part to save humanity

We never hear of her when we read how Noah gathered all God’s creatures— large and small and led them two by two into his Ark before the flood. We hear about his sons and how they worked to help him gather in the beasts and birds, the snakes and bugs and...

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From Sisyphus: Darkness

Sisyphus speaking to the stars about his plight in darkness

Tonight I cannot see the stars or moon.Clouds have taken from my view all light. I cannot see my hands or feet but know that they exist.This Stone is here against my chest but nothing else is known. I am invisible. All is gone, except my voiceasking who i...