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This is a true story

Anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I hated high school. I have only a few happy memories of the time I was forced to spend there until I quit, and one of them concerns the school wrestling team. This was an old school, and the wrestling team pr...

Spiders Web

Caught in your spiders web!

Entangled withinYour spiders webNo Escape Entranced by your eyesConsuming myLost Innocence Writhing upon my bare skinThe succubus of yourNaked body Your lips close to my ownStealing my lastBreathe You caught meBoth heart and soulForever yours  

I can not stay here,caught between dark and lightI want the sun,to feel its heat on my skin.I fears its burn thoughand dont trust it,sunlight fades to easily.Its so hard to be near the lightafter so long in the dark.It hurt my eyes, and soul.So here I am,...

Chapter 1:Failed Escape

I haven't really come up with an actual plot yet... R and R if you read this, Please and thanks!

"Rein-- I can't run... anymore..." Jae breathed through his mouth. Rein knew. She was the only one pushing forward through the twigs and dried leaves, he was pulling her backwards. She could feel it through their linked hands as they ran. Jae stumbled, an...