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This year has proved to be chaoticIt reminds me of a scientific movieThe news makes you neuroticThe world is basically gloomyThis virus is a killerSo many people have diedNothing makes this virus familiarThe numbers have caused a landslideYou have to wond...


I think this one's more from a character's perspective than mine... stream-of-consciousness again...

hello from withoutplease don't poutwe'll be there soon we're just past the big spoonflying through ashthrowing a big ole bashand hoping he won't lash -out. his green eyesfail to see the points to my storyand all my lies  arefarfrominnocent I'm far from al...


Seriously random poem/song with possible double meanings? Even I'm confused. ..

Drip drop plop Raindrops on the rooftop Drip Drip Drop I just wanna flop Right into bed Cover up my head Close my ears to the things you said Somebody take my fears- Put them in a box…   X...x...x... Metal on metal Wait for the knives to settle And the wa...

5 years ago

The Case Of The Lady In Red

A kind of detective story done in rhyme.

My name is Smith, That’s Smith N. Wesson. I’m a licensed P I, And I carry a big ass gun. This case started on a Tuesday, When she walked into my life. The dame dressed in red, Probably some rich sap's wife. I asked her the usual questions, “OK sister; Wha...

Little Ninja The little ninja quietly stepped into the room, Dressed all in black, like the darkened gloom. With sword in hand, he spots his prey. Silently he advances without delay. His victim, Emperor Rex, whose wrath all felt. Vengeance be done, by his...

There once was a little lizard who grew up to be quite a wizard. Lizzie was her name, for that her mom was to blame. Now Lizzy was the type who just loved to complain and gripe. When things didn’t turn out, she was inclined to pout. And even when things w...

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6 years ago

A Rugged Man

A tough guy rhyme

A Rugged Man I’m a rugged man, And tough as nails. With a massive chest, And arms like rails. My face isn’t pretty, I’m no Hollywood gent. I consider bar time, Time well spent. Of my friends, there aren’t many. Likely the meanest you’ll see. You’ll never...

6 years ago

The Farmer And The Troll

A take off on the Jack and Jill rhyme

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File The Farmer And The Troll “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.” It was Monday and I had just settled down a...

6 years ago

Lollipop, Lollipop

A memory from the past, present, and probably future.

Lollipop, Lollipop Lollipop, lollipop, sucker so sweet. Two do I have, I shall share with friend Pete. Sitting in the park, under the trees. Licking and sucking, never seeing the bees. With a buzz, buzz, buzz, we noticed the sound. Lifting our heads, we l...

6 years ago

A Cracked Case Solved

A Rocci Raccoon rhyme.

A Cracked Case Solved (A Rocci Raccoon File) Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, But was his fall an accident at all? It was said in hushed whispers, there was something that stunk, But that turned out to be Pepe La Pew; La Pew was a skunk. A howl too was he...

6 years ago

Pieces Of Eight

Just a fun pirate rhyme

Gold and silver be our plunder, Fit for kings, by shore and thunder. Weigh the anchor, we sail, mates, In search of treasure and pieces of eight. From Demon’s Gate, and beyond its bay, Two pillars like horns, that points the way. Head south by west as the...

7 years ago

The Silliest Poem Ever

I'm serious, this poem is really silly. You probably shouldn't take it very seriously.

 Gimmie a lineand I’ll make it shine.Gimmie a mineand I’ll make it bine.Wait, what? I’ll make it bine?Time I end this rhyme,Or else, I fear, it will ‘come a crime,Don’t whine. Just mime,Shuddery shudder, don’t dare mime,you’ll scare me totally out my mind...