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  Not knowing you was the best decision I should have made But my universe and destiny both conspired so that our paths would someday meet. The pull you have for me is so strong. So strong that resisting from it seems so wrong.   I ha...

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 12 My SchoolJust as I had a ranch version of other things, I also had "ranch" school. (No escaping it, IT'S THE LAW!!) I had the good fortune to attend Fawcett School, one of the Rural District Nineteen public schools. F...

adi_me 5 years ago

Home Groan

Messy Mind

Fuck! I wish I didn’t care. I wish I could walk away and never look back, forgetting everything, feeling nothing. I should never have come here. I certainly don’t belong here. Belong. What a strange word that I’ve never really experienced. People call me...

So sudden the break So harsh the words So final the decision So silly the reason So impossible to fix So hard to heal So sad it ended So glad I once loved you

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There it isthat typical piece of lacy fabricsticking out from between the couch cushions.It catches my eyeand I can't help but stare.That pretty, slinky garment is the end.I almost want to laughbut when I try the basic...

CKAcres 8 years ago

Last Day?

Will we see another day after December 21/2012?

The Mayan calendar says that the end is near.Maybe something we should watch and fear. Armageddon has been touted times, many past.Will tomorrow really end the world, be our last. My hopes are things do not take a turn, and end.

mhend90 9 years ago


Don't look back, just keep walking on.

The day that the world ends Will you be there to see it? The fires and the chaos Will you be running through it? That way that life is now You know it cannot last Will you embrace that darkness? Or be swallowed by your past?