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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I love to write. Many of my poems and short stories - even a novella or two - have been published online on various sites, but I'm only going to post the ones I could read to my kids here.
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Capo d'astra

A mysterious object bought from a tabletop sale forms a telephone line to enlightenment

Capodastra: A small movable bar placed across the fingerboard of a guitar or similar instrument so as to raise the pitch of all the strings uniformly. If a thing can call, then it called. Or maybe he just happened to be standing in the right place relativ...


Two brothers fall for the same girl and their tussle for her echoes down the centuries.

The brothers had walked many miles, most of them in silence. But for a circling cawing crow, the sky was clear, the air crisp and clean. Green, rolling hills latticed by dry-stonewalls had suddenly turned to a wilderness of golden bracken, bilberry and pu...