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Over 90 days ago
United States


I'm a sci-fi\fantasy writer for over 20 years. I write gay sci-fi. Here i'm posting the novel called "Gidealis Enigma" of 60 chapters.

It is a story of a medieval boy named Domiarn with some alien ancestry and weird abilities. He grows up, marries a handsome man Barron Iris Leo, and minds his own business until an alien he is secretly in love with gets in trouble and becomes an intergalactic fugitive.

Not willing to part with his lover Demi embarks on a journey of his life to have many adventures, save a civilization and finally meet his creator, a genetical engineer from Andromeda M31.

Reading, writing, languages.

Favorite Books
"Solaris" Stanislav Lem

Favorite Authors
H.G.Wells, Ray Bradbury, Clifford Simak, Alexander Belyaev

Favorite Movies
All movies with Sir Ian McKellen, All movies with Hugh Jackman.

Favorite Music
Turkish classic, gangsta rap
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Gidealis Enigma Chapter 64

Tensartis hopes to get to Lierance, but instead he is re-directed to a much more dangerous mission.

Chapter 64 To Save a Loved One I get up, and scratch the crumbling wall of the office to distract the angry green-eyed man. “Your walls seem rather thin and unreliable!” “These “peaceful rallies” of Flingers are beginning to piss me off. This damage is mo...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 62

A love affair Arte did not expect, and an unexpected intrusion will prove to be life-saving...

Chapter 62 Lierance TENSARTIS. I hold my breath and do not open my eyes. This might be liquid nitrogen. In this case my eyes will be burned. I must rely on my biosonar. Somehow my creator put in that feature – me being able to survive in liquid nitrogen....