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7 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 64

Tensartis hopes to get to Lierance, but instead he is re-directed to a much more dangerous mission.

Chapter 64 To Save a Loved One I get up, and scratch the crumbling wall of the office to distract the angry green-eyed man. “Your walls seem rather thin and unreliable!” “These “peaceful rallies” of Flingers are beginning to piss me off. This damage is mo...

8 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 23

Demi and Kallitris save Relemill, but trouble is brewing on Kallitris's home planet

Chapter 23 Never to let go “Here.” Kallitris points to the bin nearby. I throw the carrot into the bin and the guard, finding nothing suspicious, looks away. We’re almost to the middle of the field now. The tired and overworked people around pay no attent...

8 years ago

The Armor

The Armor of My Knight

Standingon the ledge, Waiting for the knowledge. It never comes, Only wonder, Only worry, Only darkness, Full of fear. Riding up below the ledge; There you are. The Armor of my Knight, It protects me, It loves me, It honors me, It saves me, It has my hear...

How Do I Save You?

In the voice of Philena, one of my characters.

I don’t know how all this started- he saw my bruises, he heard my words, he helped me, he questioned me, and he somehow got me to tell him, but I shouldn’t have. I should have just told him “it’s nothing” and left and never turned back, but I was so tired...