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2 months ago

The Chair

Today, it was my turn in ‘the chair.’

I remember there were two of them, a man and a woman. They both wore masks? First, they sat me in the chair, then shone a bright light in my face. The man shuffled behind me and began to question my plans for the weekend? I couldn't reply because the woma...

I remember that day so clearly. June 14th, 1986. It was the day my childhood best friend died. I was twelve and Joe Collins was nearly twelve, he would have got to be twelve years old if things had turned out… Different. He was coming up the garden path w...

The gull sails aloft white-crested oceanas smooth as silk, in perfect motioneyes scan the surf for silver glimmersto harvest crops of scaly dinnersA glint, a meal, a hunger realan upward swoop with deft and zealone turn, a hover, then a plungesharp golden...

Anonymous 4 years ago

If I were for REAL

Life should be as colorful as the rainbow... Please remember you are your only painter. alwayssss

If the water can return, take me away please!If the water can take in, it will never grieve!Someone admires you streaming freely!I wish to swap with you, then I can run capricious!If the water were I, it would weep for sure!If I were the water, I would ne...

5 years ago

Accident or evil plan?

Bing goes the yard arm

The day dawned bright and clear with a nice steady breeze. Perfect sailing weather, just right for taking RL out for a quick sail. Car loaded, boat and mast; life jackets; rudder (double check) dagger board (double check); paddle just in case. Hit the roa...

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5 years ago

The Pool

Reflections of a middle aged man sitting beside a pool on an autumn day

It was a day just like today I remember, Unseasonably mild for late in October; The trees were still apparelled in splendid colours, The shades of autumn, oranges and reds, rich browns, And brilliant gold, a last defiant display, Before winter took away t...

5 years ago

Chances,Taken without regret,Embraced,Without hesitation or doubtLike that timeWhen you doveInto an ice cold lakeNot on a dareBut because it was thereAnd to do so affirmed that you existedThose chances,No regrets,As you sankStunned with shockby the bone c...

5 years ago

Fire In The Rain

A Sonnet on the four elements. It was a requirement used in a poem contest.

Fire In The Rain Flickering torch upon windowsill In turbulent air whirls the windmill Red heats the beads of mornings kiss Electrified volt of Terra’s abyss Illuminating glass separates the elements Neither shall embrace in remembrance. Ticks of time res...

6 years ago

The Memory of Water: Life After The End

Like the homeopaths said, water remembers. In fact, it never forgets. And it's pissed off.

I greet thee in the name of the Great Waters, the all-powerful creator and sustainer, provider and destroyer, which surrounds us and flows through us and sustains us, from whose bosom we all spring and into whose comforting embrace we shall all one day re...

The great blue sea  So endless,  And free  The deep blue sea Millions of miles Wide and deep One would get lost  If wandering too far  But would that be  Such a bad thing? I would not think so  It would give me time  To admire all that is  Around me  The...

They say her eyes are a sea of blue waves. The waves crash together, The water churning like flames battle. The flames slice at the horizon, And burn the sky. Gentle destruction this is. But wait, Lava pools from the flames, Sliding down the beach over th...

F is for faith that we have in our heartsL is for the love we have for family and friendsO is for openness we should have for one anotherW is for wake, seeing what is around youWe keep flowing like waterHelping one another through life's momentsLaughing a...