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Commuting To An Unplanned Future

She reflects on her past and present while heading into an unplanned future.

  “...and in local sports, the Mets and Yankees both dropped road…” Debbie Morris automatically switched off the alarm radio she’d carefully set last night to turn on later than usual and glanced at her wristwatch.  Satisfied she was now, as planned,  exa...

1 year ago

Lay Low, My Lady

A Time For Reflection

This is the time to lay low, my lady, to have faith in the Universe, to pluck a harp string and listen. It's time to meditate on the sound of a single string softly thrumming. Our friends, our family, each present a single tone into the air. A cacophony o...

5 years ago

The Pool

Reflections of a middle aged man sitting beside a pool on an autumn day

It was a day just like today I remember, Unseasonably mild for late in October; The trees were still apparelled in splendid colours, The shades of autumn, oranges and reds, rich browns, And brilliant gold, a last defiant display, Before winter took away t...

5 years ago

Reminded of A Series of Dreams

This one was started in 2011, and was really published in an anthology

Standing here on a wooded ridge feeling the fine drizzling rain in my face here in the North Country Fair, and feeling as if I had wiped the dust from my hands and the sleep from my eyes and being aware of changes taking place. As I find myself standing h...

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9 years ago

The Intruder

The fear of an intruder in the house can be difficult to verify and can cause anxiety at night…

I wake from a sound sleep, vaguely apprehensive and fearful that an intruder is in the apartment. Beside me I hear my husband's deep, peaceful breathing. It is the only sound, and there is no apparent reason why I should suspect a disturbance. Lying still...

10 years ago

the Mirror

A woman gazes into a mirror at different phases of her life.

 I gazed into the mirror As a child Pulling myself up to see Blond hair and brown eyes Mouth in a hesitant smile The only one I could tell how I felt Or remembered how life had been And promised how life could be. I looked into the mirror as a teenager I...