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Speculative Fiction Stories

Speculative Fiction is a broad category encompassing a number of different genres that include elements not found in the real world at present but instead based on imagination and conjecture.

In addition to stories in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and supernatural – which are standalone categories on Stories Space – speculative fiction stories include alternate history or timeline, utopian and dystopian fiction, and superhero fiction.

Stories that are combinations of any of these (science fantasy, supernatural horror, etc.) or otherwise do not fit neatly into a single category should be submitted as Speculative Fiction.

Fade to Black

The winter solstice would be a long night indeed for these wise guys

 Connor Mulrooney sauntered into the members-only back room of the North Philly Irish Pub with his usual swagger, grabbed a Guinness and settled into a seat that may as well have held a Reserved sign. His chair, the one he always occupied during their wee...