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I have been away from writing for a long time and am hoping to begin again... again. I have repeatedly started, then I'll stop for ages, then I'll publish one or two, and then another year passes. I'd like to challenge myself to reach a new level of consistency and indulge in doing something I truly enjoy. Presenting to the public is always a challenge for me but I love honest criticism much more than an anemic petting of my feathers - please critique away. Still, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I find this all a little nerve-wracking. Stripping away another layer and opening myself to a new level of vulnerability is a bit daunting. But, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I love to chit-chat. I think people are endlessly fascinating and love to talk with people who are great thinkers and let their minds spill out of their mouths.

I love when people ask questions. It is incredibly difficult to converse with people who have no natural curiosity. And be prepared...I ask questions back. Not your address or phone number haha but if all I wanted to do was talk about my avatar then I wouldn't bother to chat at all.

Outside of here, I love to sing, dance, and cook. Being outdoors even in a Michigan winter is ten thousand times better than being imprisoned within four walls.

Oh and travel...there is nothing quite like it. Seeing the sights, smelling the scents, feeling the energy that different places provide is electrifying. And of course, meeting the people. Finding out what makes their city unique to them is one of my favorite things.

Favorite Books
There are too many to name but I enjoy classics and period books. I love to immerse myself in details of other eras so the more "boring" the details, the better! I also adore autobiographies, romance, and cookbooks. Cookbooks you say? Cookbooks I say! There are some that are written like culinary novels with stories, tidbits, lusts, and dislikes. Probably this obsession is odd but I think the complete lack of oddness is boring, don't you?

Favorite Authors
I refuse to confine myself to a defined list of favorites. I may hurt somebody's feelings.

Favorite Movies
August Rush...magic and music set to a screenplay. Pride and Prejudice...I'm obsessed with Lizzie Bennett. Gone With the has everything...(but I admit, the book is much better). Fast and you didn't expect that one but I love fast cars and the fact that the 'good but still just bad enough guys' always win in the end...Yummy!!!! And then there are hundreds of classics, musicals, romantic comedies, period films and dramas that I love too.

Favorite TV Shows
TV is not something I really watch anymore. It may be on in the background with the latest design or food competition show, but I am rarely sitting down and actually watching. Life is too busy these days. I prefer listening to Spotify or Audiobooks.

Favorite Music
I love music that makes me feel good in the moment. That may be Aretha Franklin or Eminem, Metallica or Andrea Bocelli, Simon and Garfunkel or DNCE, Frank Sinatra or Justin Timberlake. And almost everything in between.
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