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first love

Kiss me like I’m your saving grace Destroy my hesitation Feel my heart race Heal my wounds With no words Just say it all When our fingers curl Holding hands tightly Never letting go Tasting my essence While claiming my soul I love kissing you Knowing your...

Morning Mist burning offSoulful sound of loons in the distance.Two young friends,about to find love.Oars in the water,making ripples to the shore.Her brown eyes so bright,bouncing off the water.Water splashing her arms,balled up fists.As you laugh,your he...


When my first love broke my heart

I lie in bed at night, softly crying out your name;Because you touched my heart, I'll never be the same; You held me very gently, with much tenderness and care,But you gave me only a moment of your love and life to share;Now that you are gone, forever fro...

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Dreaming Forward

And life moves only in one direction.

Once a child With a world so wide The sky so close I could spread my arms like wings Reach for the warmth of the sun Feel the fall of rainbows Washing over me Leaving me vivid I was color  Soft like petals  Opening for the first time Mouthing words  Becom...

Decisive Moments - Chapter 8

The plot begins to thicken

“I’m sorry, what?” A frustrated sigh met my question and I fought the urge to take my annoyance out on the owner of the said sigh. “For the third time,” Ryan grumbled, “Do you want to see one of the movies that are on the syllabus? Or do you want to do a...

Decisive Moments - Chapter 7

Teeg and Ash get some news

DECISIVE MOMENTS – CHAPTER 7 “Hey, man! Can I borrow your shaving cream? I’m out.” I turned to see Connor standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was glancing into the kitchen where Teagan was cooking. I had offered to help but was turned down with an em...

I groaned as I woke up, my head pounding and eyes dry and scratchy. I blinked in the dark, disoriented. The clock on the table beside me showed that there were still several hours before morning. I sighed as I worked a hand out from under the covers and r...