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Over 90 days ago
United States


Hello Again Everyone,

I have returned, this time to stay, as I want to be able to write more than just love things... which I enjoy but there is so much more to me than just love poems.

I wont be on as much but when on here chat with me, I like to get to know you...

I love life, I love my faith, and those around me, are dear to my heart. and while you here are considered friends too, my life takes precedence.

Favorite Books
Too many to choose from, and as it varies on my mood I wont list one.

Favorite Authors
Look above please

Favorite Movies
at the moment the book of life. yes a cartoon, but I love it

Favorite TV Shows
NCIS and or Bones

Favorite Music
all music...
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Where to Now

How did I get here?

My core, dark,my essence filled with thorns.I swore never again,yet, here I am... empty.How did I get here?a dark heart.Trust?Haha, what a joke!Open up?Never again.Love?It is but an illusion.Broken inside,how can I be in this place again?Shattered, how do...

At this moment I deposit in my soul these words words that live forever tattooed in my heart and in my mind because if they only reside in my mind I run the risk of them being forgotten and if you are in my heart there they never fade I know you loved me ...