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At this moment I deposit in my soul these words words that live forever tattooed in my heart and in my mind because if they only reside in my mind I run the risk of them being forgotten and if yo...

a_chica 6 years ago

Into the wind

What the wind took... wont ever be the same

Every time things seem serious,we pull away. Yet we know nothing is serious.nothing in this world is real. Meeting you left me in a dreamlike state.always in a daze... then I woke. Scared, with a monster under my bed,

The keyboard at my fingertips; A brightly lit screen in front of me. A melancholic mind and heart. I am now in the realm of the WWW, everything only a click away; yet it all so real, feeling and friendships....

a_chica 6 years ago

Love Letters

Once long ago, I wrote many many letters, a journal, and now... I reminise on the foolishness of it

My dear love, my beautiful destiny: Today I want to imagine a new day, no matter if it is with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine, or delicate gray clouds with raindrops born of them ... but I imagine that all day with me you...

When the breeze ruffles my hair , and my tears are mistaken for the rain; My eyes, empty sockets filled with despair. A love poem for the dead upon a gravestone. A petrified inscription which did not reach, Emerald eyes, which ki...

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a_chica 6 years ago


In the dark, you are my light.

Tears falling down my face,and I feel like a disgrace.It is dark, cold and lonely.Feeling the monster inside me,its killing me, and I am powerless.The dream that never was.This killer taking my soul,my faith in...