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amyjayne 3 years ago

Nobody’s perfect

I dedicate this poem (and confession) to Cara

There's lots of things I love you for And many things I don’t You tell me that you’ll try to change I realise that you won’t   I love your long brown shiny hair Each strand is oh so fine As I pull them out the shower drain I kno...

Once i was a king

My first time trying a rhyme scheme and structure like this, hope you guys like it.

Once I was a mighty king who owned it all,An empress and vast kingdomBut all great empires eventually fall. I still sit upon my lonely throne,The only thing that remained,After all else left with a great groan....

Somedays I feel like diving,out to the ocean and into the cold,just let the waves take me,until I naturally float. My most morbid thoughts,are of getting old,it's a long hard life,and I don't want...

When Amber arrived home with the pizza she found her older sister sitting at the kitchen table with her mom and almost dropped the pie. " Allison," she screamed with joy as she flew into her sister's open arms. When Amber was released she...

DianaShallard 8 years ago


Sometimes it take cries in the night to interrupt a long held silence.

Nobody said it would be easy. She just didn’t expect it’d be this hard. The clock ticks the hours, the minutes, the seconds, and with each passing minute of daylight, she sighs deeply and braces for the screams. Her husband’s arrival carr...

AutumnWriter 10 years ago


thoughts in a storm

Lighthouse by Autumn Writer © Copyright 2011 Solitary star, lonesome blinking light, Sentinel on this ragged night, I fight the gale, the stinging sleet. My frail, small craft strains for yonder point where shards be...

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