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rantingsenior 2 years ago

Two Blankets and a Stick

My annual contribution; a song I wrote for my cousin as a Christmas gift.

Well, I wrote the followin’ song for my cousin as a Christmas gift. She got kinda mad at me when I told her instead a payin’ the cemetery folk to put blankets on her mom and daddy’s grave to make ‘em easier to find in the snow, we could just drive big...

Anonymous 3 years ago

Snow in Three Poems

If you live where it snows, you will see truth in these poems

Snow Dust Snowflakes falling all aroundChanges to snow upon the ground.When the wind blows (as it must)It carries aloft bits of snow dust. Snow Bunnies Snow swirls; the wind makes a snow dune.Snow dust dan...

fuzzy1954 3 years ago

Snow Comes to Oz

breaking news breaking news

 Breaking news,   breaking newsThe bubbly blonde comes on.Breaking news, breaking news.Snow coming back to OZ.Blowing in from up north.Run don't walk.Bread, milk in short supply.Mothers grumble.

White Mother   Great Winter You come during the nightYour white blanket the darkListen to you laugh as you blowInches drift to feetWork your frigid gameLaugh at the puny onesAs you drop another foot

SilverJaye 4 years ago

Part One

Part one of the story

Dead trees over encumbered with snow surrounded the frozen lake. He loomed over her. His black cellular robes covered his face as if he didn't have one.She stared blankly into his gaping hole."Accompany me" he hissed as he extended a claw...

Mendalla 4 years ago

Voice of Ice

He sought the name of the angel of ice

The wind gave a piercing howl, rattling the windows of Professor Jack Lange’s apartment. Jack lowered his book at the sound and stared out at the blowing snow."Wow, what a storm!" announced the disc jockey on the radio as if he, too, had heard i...

AnnaMayZing 5 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 29

“Don't worry,” he said, grinning as she rubbed her knee, “You stalled..."

Karlsruhe. January 15th, 1941.Maria watched as Katarina left the garage, making sure she was wrapped warmly with cape and gloves and even a woolen scarf which was not strictly regulation, but it was so cold that she couldn't i...

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gillianleeza 5 years ago


Thanks to Mother Nature for stopping time

Anticipation is high for the first snow of the yearTrips to the store, for bread, milk and moreEveryone feeling a bit anxious, maybe a bit of fearChecking my supply of batteries, the seals around doorsWeather forecasters in their own h...

Anonymous 6 years ago

Thorns: Ch 6

Something is wrong, Something has always been wrong.

As soon as dinner ended, I excused myself quickly. I needed to be alone or with Aqua. The pestering feeling deepened and I felt guilty, though I had no clue why. I did something wrong, something felt horribly wrong. I made it safely to the stabl...

rolandlytle 6 years ago

It Snowed and Love Grew

A dream of a wonderful winter night.

The snow fell and drifted covering everythingLayers of a glistening milky white delightWatching nature's winter wonderland of snowSitting quietly in awe of its unimaginable beauty With you by my side as we snuggled up tightThe beau...

nostalgicelle 7 years ago

North Snow

Crow has left the knights, his first winter alone, heading north.

“I knew this was a crazy idea,” Crow grumbled to himself, clinging to his shoulders with his frozen fingers through his dark red jacket. He shivered a bit, shaking his head to shake off the shiver and peered ahead. Snow was falling slowly, in white light...