A golddigger gets her comeuppance…

Carine Blanchard sat quietly in the passenger seat of her new Cadillac. She hadn't said a word the entire ride home from the hospital where her husband, Michael, was staying. As a matter of fact she hadn't said anything since her visit with Michael'…

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All this and stretch marks too!

The truth about motherhood…

As little girls we are given pretty little dolls to play with in order to nurture our natural motherly instincts. Sometimes the dolls would cry, perhaps even wee their tiny plastic diapers. We would nurse them with bottles that magically refilled the…

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Blood is Thicker Than Water

Jessie thought she had escaped her family and that damn house...…

The fog was rolling in like a throng of ghosts across the field. Its eerie fingers caressed the windows of the old house as the fog rose. In no time at all, it was as thick as the clich├ęd pea soup. Jessie Fontaine had to walk with her head down to m…

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