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She is her only battle  Her mind is the field  Struggling for balance  In a world of up hills   Does she go out today  Or wait till tomorrow  Will she find endless laughter  Or find words to swallow    Will her husband find peace In a house of chaos  Will...

Baby Kate

If no one else remembers, I do.

This is what I owe you My baby My Kate My memory It's that time of yearAgain I retreat Slowly First within closed curtains  Darkened rooms Under the covers There are no dates or calendars needed None that can define How my mind drifts My body slows I cann...

For You

For my son

I would say  That I could turn the darkest skies  The brightest blue.  And, maybe  When you were younger,  Your feet unsteady,  You would have believed that I could.  But, I am powerless.  All that I have is  The strength of my love,  The length of my arm...

Bambi's Mother

Questions on life can be difficult to answer...

Who does my little girl run to when she is hurt or upset? Who holds her and comforts her like no other? Why, me of course, I'm her mother and like all mothers the love I have for my child is unconditional.My daughter believes I will love and protect her f...

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