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Vengeance Stories


Approach with care, he may be dangerous. The hunter makes his way back home again. His prey fought hard and put up a good fight. The bloodlust he felt was sated once more. Tomorrow he would go out once again And search for the ones who dishonored him. It...


A golddigger gets her comeuppance

Carine Blanchard sat quietly in the passenger seat of her new Cadillac. She hadn't said a word the entire ride home from the hospital where her husband, Michael, was staying. As a matter of fact she hadn't said anything since her visit with Michael's doct...

The Letter

I think we've all wanted to send a letter like this at one time, and forgiveness is not always easy.

I poured out every thought upon the page, Filling it up with all the rage and anger, That you have instilled inside me. My pen literally quivered, As I held it in my sweaty hand, Yet the words flowed swiftly, As venomous as any snake, And almost as deadly...