A Farewell Drink

A woman has one last drink with her friend.…

The glow of the neon sign lit her face as she walked into the bar with a Gibson Les Paul guitar strapped across her back and carrying an urn in her hands. She set the urn in an empty stool and sat next to it, hanging the guitar on the back of hers.“T…

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Three-Years of Probation

My three year quest to get off probation.…

I remember the day the call came in, June 21, 2013, two days after my fourth anniversary and just over three years from my last full-time work day. My husband had left the day before and was in New Mexico driving an eighteen-wheeler so we could make …

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Rain on the Ninth Day

A strange coincidence on the 9th day of the semester.…

I love rainy days. I find them romantic. How many romantic films and romantic comedies have a scene where the couple kisses or professes their love in the rain? Even my own husband proposed to me in the rain because I told him I thought kissing in th…

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An Under-Appreciated Professional

Why do I do what I do?…

I’m an under-appreciated, underpaid professional. I am belittled for working my chosen profession, told I whine too much and I should be grateful for all I have. After all, I live in America, I have a job, a place to live, a car, food in my refrigera…

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The Funeral

A mistress attends the funeral of her lover has an encounter with his widow she didn't expect.…

She stood outside the funeral home and told herself this was a mistake. She had been having this dialogue with herself since the day she saw the obituary in the paper. It’s not like she read those on a regular basis, in fact, she avoided this section…

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A Dent in Our Bed

For all those who's loved one is away from home...…

It’s two in the morningA nightmare in my head.I reach across for comfortAnd find a dent in our bed. Where are you tonight?Why can’t I hold your hand?Are you in another town, city,Another state, or a foreign land? How long must I waitUntil you are nea…

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