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Dirty martini Stories

dirty martini

The Penguin says...

Live your dreams

A penguin walks into a local little dive bar. The neon sign in the window didn't just flash “open” like most. She blinked as it flashed "Dirty Martini served here.” It was 4:20pm when she climbed up on the empty barstool and placed her most prized possess...

A Farewell Drink

A woman has one last drink with her friend.

The glow of the neon sign lit her face as she walked into the bar with a Gibson Les Paul guitar strapped across her back and carrying an urn in her hands. She set the urn in an empty stool and sat next to it, hanging the guitar on the back of hers. “Two d...

The Apotheosis Of The Word Of Justice

Lines penned on 22nd September in this year of our disgrace 2018

As we stand on the edge of catastrophe,A despairing poet, I can no longerFollow my Zen like some hippie troubadour,Riding my Harley across the dusty roadsWith my battered old Gibson Les Paul guitarSlung careless across my faded denim coat,Seeking for enli...


The Four Hundred and Twentieth Warden

A vision of the future. A way to say goodbye to those lost too soon.

Dear Dad, It’s Julie. This is the letter we always used to wonder about. It took much longer than expected. My timeline runs parallel to, but thirty years ahead of yours, and I’ve grown older here than you are there.  You’re approaching the point where I...