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Cheating Stories


Balance Sheets

Martin tries to unravel what he stumbled in on

“I can explain,” he pleaded, though it came out more like, “I cah eshlaih,” with his mouth stretched around the barrel of my shotgun. I raised my eyebrows, dark rage bubbling inside. “Explain?!” I spat. “Oh, this ought to be good. Let me guess, you came r...


The price of betrayal

Every action has an equal and opposite consequence

The Price of Betrayal   God, it’s cold tonight, he thought, his breath hanging in the air in front of his face as he exhaled. He remembered a time when, as a child, he would puff out on cold days like these, trying to make smoke rings, like his Grandfathe...

I miss our time togetherNight after night, we layDreams we shared, wishing them trueI need you back, I'll do all I used to do for youEntangled in the sheets, pillows like fortsPiling on extra in the winter's coldKicking them off and giggling in the heatSo...

She makes me so frustrated it’s almost inhuman. I hate that she smells like strawberries and winter and her complexion is the color of rosebuds in springtime. I hate that she looks just as beautiful in my NFL t-shirt as she does in makeup and a Prada dres...

Five minutes

Five minutes is all it took

Five minutes. That was all it had taken. Five minutes, to ruin his life, to rob him of his love, to turn his sweet dreams into acid rain. He had promised his girlfriend, that beautiful, sexy and lustfull woman, to bring home the big one from the poker-gam...

Love No More

Our Marriage is Over

Once their days were wine and roses, Today that love has changed.It seems that the cheating was exposed,These lovers have now become estranged.They used to love one another,But now there's sadness and lots of lies.Unfortunately, the cheating was discovere...

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The Funeral

A mistress attends the funeral of her lover has an encounter with his widow she didn't expect.

She stood outside the funeral home and told herself this was a mistake. She had been having this dialogue with herself since the day she saw the obituary in the paper. It’s not like she read those on a regular basis, in fact, she avoided this section of t...

Bad Chemistry

He had this weird magic power that caused all her good judgement to fly out the window.

Margo sat huddled in the dark basement. Upstairs, she heard the "click" of the back-door opening - opening in a sneaky sinister sort of a way. That door was supposed to be locked! Margo thought, her heart racing. How did he get in so easily? Wow, this is...

Cheating Yourself

You thought you cheated on me, but you were really cheating yourself

We cheered on our team as we won the big game, In all the excitement I failed to catch your name. A few weeks later our paths crossed again, And in that instant we became more than friends. You were my first: boyfriend and love, “We were destined to be,”...

The Affair

A relationship torn apart

A relationship that was once happy, ends, The couple involved can't even be friends.Their situation now has changed,These two lovers have now become estranged.Nothing can bring them back together,The love has been crushed, they're no longer lovers.There w...

I Don't Understand

I think it's time to get a divorce

My best friend's husband cheated with her friend,Now their relationship has come to an end.Ten years have passed, but they are still married,He lives with her friend and he acts like he is unmarried.He now cheats on the girlfriend with his wife,And this i...