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You have you

"You don't need anyone to fix you, you can do it yourself."

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Was I never enough?


I know I have given my all

I have loved you more than I could ever love myself

I have given you all there is to me

But still, you have left me

Alone, broken and irreparable


It’s incomprehensible,

You’ve loved someone, but they don’t love you as much,

Or would they even love you at all?

It’s even unfair,

But has life never been one?


People love and they get their hearts broken,

People stay out of love and get their hearts barren.

Pain has been an extension of pleasure,

Sadness is found at the end of one’s happiness.

Death is sought after life.

Yet, I am standing next to no one.

Since all of them had left me, alone.


I figured nobody wanted a piece of broken china,

People stayed away from a broken masterpiece.

Nobody is willing to glue it back together,

Because it would eventually break.


But then, I’ve met someone who put me back together.

Someone who meticulously glued me,

Even when his hands got wounded.


I fell in love for the second time,

I give everything to the man who’d stitch every piece in me

To the person who repaired my irreparable soul.

I was happy once again.

My cheeks were tainted with glee and,

my lips were filled with laughter once again.


All you need to do is have faith, and so I did.

And eventually, had been left once again.

And so the cycle repeats itself,

Again and again.


People come and go,

If it is meant to be,

it would stay

If it isn’t,

it would flee no matter how you try to hold it,

It would always choose to leave.


But life doesn’t always have to end with sadness

You don’t have to die with a broken soul

You don’t need anyone to stitch you,

You can put yourself back together,

You can grant yourself happiness,

You don’t need anybody doing all the things for you.

You can do it yourself,

Because you can and,

because you only have you.


When people leave,

You have you.

When people can’t love you,

You love yourself. 

Written by GenlyAryl
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