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You have you

You don't need anyone to fix you, you can do it yourself.

Was I never enough?   I know I have given my all I have loved you more than I could ever love myself I have given you all there is to me But still, you have left me Alone, broken and irreparable   It’s incomprehensible, You’ve loved someone, but they don’...

Life has become a mess. Nothing seems right anymore. It seems I can't make sense of the world I lived before. Tied down with barbed wire to keep me from leaving here.I want a brand new start anywhere but there. I'm broken down inside.Can't seem to make se...

Step By Step

This is about never giving up!

you told me keep my head up, never stop tryin, stiffin up my upper lip, stop all that crying, you should be far away, yet you're right by my side, been there when I smiled, held me when I cried, I say you're my Angel, that was soon proven true, I would be...