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Downhill All the Way

In which Girl is introduced to a new sport – and pushes Bear into it.

The two friends were out for a walk. The day was so–so–overcast and dull, but the temperatures were warm, and the wind was soft, so they decided to escape the cabin for a while. They were just ambling along, not going anywhere in particular and enjoying i...


Laughter can conquer all.

Passionate splendor flairs Deep within beguiling eyes. Masked behind the staresJoyous smile, but a disguise. Defeating what went on beforeYielding orbs shed nay a tear. Anxious to smooth the score. Laughter now negates her fear.

You have been gone so longOver a monthWill you remember me?You love my smooth voiceThe sweetness that you claimThe need the wantI love your words but I need to feel your touchWill you remember my smile?Will the smile on your lips reach your eyes?As I see...

Kooky quasi–serious conversations That amused look between good friends Where words aren’t needed The quirk of a brow The half grin secretly sitting on the corner of your mouth It takes one line of absurd ridiculousness Hilarity ensues chaotically The gig...

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Blood Red Tears

Laughing together can mend our hearts

Tears blood red fall from my heart when a friend is hurting I wish there was more I could do to console and show my love The bruising hurts as they hurt for them it breaks my heart in two To travel to transcend time and space Yes a fantasy I wish I could...

The Packing Error: A Spoiled Romantic Getaway

Two lovers can’t straigthen things out on a romantic holiday. Really poignant stuff.

The years had passed as had desire. We simply didn’t have the fire that once consumed us many years ago. But you still ached to feel that spark that once caused magic in the dark. To feel your passions rage and ebb and flow. One day you said it would be s...

You Make Me Smile

Smiling because of my sweet man from Mars.....

You have come into my life like a breath of fresh airWherever I am, no matter what I am doing You make me smile. As I awaken each morning  there is a smile on my face reminiscing of dreams filled  with you….. Sweet thoughts of you fill my day knowing that...

Island Life

I find myself herding sheep on an ancient island.

I stood on an Erraid hill, attuned to ancient times; sensing the continuum of island life from the first sheep herders. For a city dweller it was a thrill when the signal “move forward” came from the valley below. Hurrying, scrambling; feeling the sun and...

Today at the park

this child was a joy to behold

I watched a young mother walking with her boy,Her proud smile told all of her joy.As cute as a button, cheeks rosy and red,Dark curls peeked from under the toque on his head.His laughter, like bells ringing out in the cold,His steps never faltered, he was...

The poet

The essence of the poet.

  I go where The cobwebs shine Dangling like diamonds On the green boughs Of the forest beings. I go where The mist gathers Above the loch Enfolding the geese. Who honk forlornly. I go where A wild flower Waves happily In the breeze Near the ever shifting...