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Anonymous 2 years ago

Kissing the Girl

A hot summer's night, an office party, and too much tequila

  Kissing the girl   Errin slipped out through one of the side doors, the hot and sticky summer air enveloped her. The heatwave has rolled over the city the past few days relentless an...

Anonymous 2 years ago

She walks heavily on her feet,As she approaches a netted court;Her torso bounces in rhythmic beatAnd my heart sustains a petite mort. I breathe less when she is present,And I pause to study her frame;She is muscled to a...

I dreamed of elephantsStately protectors upon themTrampling all of lesser ilk.And who should they ride to?What jewel drives them?Do they care the name?Majesty and mysteryLoneliness and sadnessOf both sides in my vis...

HK4167 8 years ago

Goodbye Gift

An unexpected gift when he was not ready to receive it

They stood at a busy street crossing in Vancouver, BC, waiting for the pedestrian traffic lights to turn green. As the traffic stopped and they started walking, she reached for his hand and held it. He looked at her in confusion. They had...

SorinaphaFumiyoB 8 years ago

To Be a Heartbreaker (For the First Time)

This is what it feels like to break someone's heart.

Here I am, sitting on a large bus of high-school students (with a few middle-schoolers thrown in), as we are riding back from a church trip. My heart is heavy, and all I can do is stare out the window at the trees that line this Alabama highway, and think...