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Over 90 days ago


Who am I? Id rather you as my reader make that up for yourself. I am an atheistic scientist who only recently discovered the joy of writing poems.

In school, languages were always my weakest subjects. Nevertheless, I love to read. Especially fantasy, a gruesomely underestimated literary subgenre if you ask me.

Hoping to at least amuse you, looking forward to chatting, reading and sharing!


Though my interests are many, I probably interest few.

Favorite Books
LOTR, The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy, Wheel of time anything fantasy basically...

Favorite Authors
J.R.R Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Goodkind, Anne Mccaphry, Robert Jordan,...

Favorite Movies
To many to even begin a summary, I'm a movie junky.

Favorite Music
Symphony X, Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Sabaton, Steel Panther, you get the gist of it..
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Decisions Cripple our daily thoughtsLoved ones pulling one wayFriends the other DesiresWishing to be a lone manNo one pulling, tearing me upForever tearless DreamsWelcome hiding placeAlternate reality in consolementForever alone DeterminationLocking mysel...

A red moon behind me rises Turning my closing tear to bloodHead held up high in crisisFacing the setting sun, I scud Casting shadows tallOver the agone life-trainLife is a pendulous fallMaybe worth the pain Creatures of the night sparkEnticing, screaming...

Crystal Prison

Much of the lines and inspiration came from the album Awake by Dream Theater

Crystal Prison Caught in a web of feelingsWoven by arachnoid emotionsUpside down, staring at ceilingsWhirling thoughts like stormy oceans Got to get out of this crystal prison on my ownAnd I won’t get out 'till I figure it outWalls deflecting thoughts til...