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Spiders Web

Caught in your spiders web!

Entangled withinYour spiders webNo Escape Entranced by your eyesConsuming myLost Innocence Writhing upon my bare skinThe succubus of yourNaked body Your lips close to my ownStealing my lastBreathe You caught meBoth heart and soulForever yours  

Just Pondering

Think about it.

Just pondering.Can you name even one truly two-dimensional object? Stuck? I can not think of a single one. A photograph still has a thickness even if it is small. A line on paper? Still, has the molecular level of height making it three dimensional.I woul...

Decisions Cripple our daily thoughtsLoved ones pulling one wayFriends the other DesiresWishing to be a lone manNo one pulling, tearing me upForever tearless DreamsWelcome hiding placeAlternate reality in consolementForever alone DeterminationLocking mysel...

What I really want...

the new generation's fate:

I feel trapped, caged, waiting to get out. Then what? Go to college? Be force-fed information again? Sit down and have people tell me what I need to know? Go to another institution, following more rules and regulations so I can do what, get a stable caree...

To Struggle

Why struggle?

Why resist,When I am clay in your hands to mould?You forge my shape. Why hope,When tears elicit no pity or mercy?You are cold to me. Why try,When all the ways out are closed off?You hold all the keys. Why play,When it always plays out the same way?You win...