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Anonymous 3 years ago

To Own the Wind

They own you, the masters of whispers, always listening. How can you hide from the wind?

I watched my copper mailbox dangle from the door of my bar through the blurs of my windshield wipers. The rubber gripped the glass, not a forgotten drop or streak. They were new. The car was new. The mailbox was rusted and tarnished.    ...

She awoke and was sleep walkingHer and her American Girl dollWhat she saw was rather shockingThere was blood dripping from the wallsWhose blood was it she thoughtHer mom and dad alive in bedShe was scared and d...

Tick Tick

Annie Windsor, a young adult in the 1930's starts work at a mental asylum.

"A mental asylum!" Sam's eyes grew wide and concerned at the thought of my new job offer. "Annie! You said no of course?""No, I took the job.""Annie! So you are as crazy as you look," he teased. Sam lightly nudged my arm and my heart leapt...

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SorinaphaFumiyoB 8 years ago


Lock your windows, ladies...

It was a cold, lonely Friday night in a small town in Indiana (Friday the thirteenth, to be exact). The wind howled with a cry like an anguished wolf, and made the bare limbs of the trees tremble like feverish invalids. It was the kind of night that fores...

irishmik60 9 years ago

Mallen's Bridge

look out who you piss off

Mallen's Bridge irishmik60 Tis a little known fact that there are literally hundreds of stone circles and mounds throughout the British Isles. Stonehenge being by far the most famous. Their arches and monolithic structures have astoun...

MissAdventure 10 years ago

The Diary of Joseph Mortimer

Joseph Mortimer discovers the price of a little charity when he turns away an old woman

In June 2010 a freak fire gutted a 16th Century farmhouse in Hampshire. During the renovation following the disaster the owners found, concealed beneath the floorboards, the diary of one Joseph Mortimer; a thirty-seven year old land owner of modest ho...