The Door

Love's room beckons through an open door.…

For months, she and I would talk to each other at length about nothing at all and everything in particular. Life, current events, what occupied our mind, what we did last night or the day before and so on. The conversation was convivial. I found her …

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22 December

Saying goodbye to autumn…

I stand alone in the quiet early morning nightThe cold December moon, while low, is still brightHer comforting light reveals your face to meI always find you when I look upon her, you seeAs this last autumn breeze kisses my faceI feel your gentle han…

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What Does She See

What does she seeWith her eyes on meThis shell of a manFilled with insecurityBroken and flawedPaint pealed and chippedOn this meandering pathI’ve stumbled and slippedThe occasional scar Etched upon my skinEvidence of deeper woundsRemain buried within…

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This wish I bring to you

Christmas time brings all that’s fine, this wish I bring to you.Happiness in all you seek and love the whole year through.Strength to help you through the roughest times and light to guide your way.It’s Christmas time and it’s love you find I offer y…

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In The Depth Of Her Eyes

Look into her eyes and see her true beauty.…

A once empty heart now feels fullTugged by another soul’s pullCrossing the pass on a wireWarmed by another souls fireLook deep inside of her eyesFind beauty there few ever seeLook and learn from her heartWhat others could not hope to beIn the depth o…

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Summer Storm

A summer storm blows by.…

A soft murmur heardDroplets scatter aboutThunder’s distant rumbleNature’s fury shoutsDarkening skiesLike a blanket concealTurbulence aboveThe Gods won’t revealSharp lightening cracksIlluminating the groundStorm clouds roarWith a deafening soundRain w…

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Letting Go

Enough love was never enough.…

We live our lives inside a dreamBelieve we know what it all meansI tried to show you what I thought was realAnd can’t you seeIt’s hurting meI won’t let goAnd I want you to know That it’s youYou mean that much to meTaking time to watch love growQuesti…

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