Last Friends

Seeing for the first time the beauty of the jungle.…

Blood pooling.Friends to the left.Friends to the right.Given their all.Wishing to hear.The crackle,Of the radio. Bringing salvation.Your fallen team.Their last minutes,Calling out.To loved ones and mothers.Wiping your tears.With steading hands.You ga…

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Honour all that have been taken by Cancer.…

My heart is stoneMy heart is emptyNot a single crackNothing will ever growNo more pain to endureNever another wakeNo more loss to bearMy heart been turned to stone…

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Promises Kept

Pulling the envelope from my pocket.…

As I sat on the Greyhound bus I opened the window as it pulled away. I knew what I had to do, what I promised to do. Pulling the letter out of my pocket I stared at the brownish stains. Closing my eyes and once again being transported to the lush gre…

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To many times…

I am shatteredI have been beforeWay to many timesHolding womenAnd broken menSadness filled eyesSobbing widowsAnother flagDraped acrossLined up casketsWhen will it endTheir homecoming A white cross upon a fieldI am shatteredBeen here beforeTo man…

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Kingdom Of Heaven

As we call you the star of love…

On your return As we call youThe star of LoveTo brighten the sky Blessing given to allMere mortals belowSome looked upSeeing your wonderous sightMost continuedOn their bustling waysAs your first gift fellCovering all With a blanket Of pure white snow…

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This Is War (Sneeze)

As they sneeze on you…

On the subway homeDon't sneeze On meStay calmBeen toldKeep your distanceWear your maskFear the infectionLock your doorsHide downstairsSound the alarmAs it comes for youNo flowersOr familyAs it takes youLet them grieve aloneFor they tooHave been warne…

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Father Winter Treats

With a smile as large as the valley below.…

As the dark clouds swirled, the forest gnomes busied themselves. For since time recorded, they have been tasked with waking Father Winter. Jimmy's task was to bring the sugary treats this year.  At first light, the ten gnomes gathered their belonging…

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As The Oceans Burned

Do you care?…

As The Oceans Burned No One noticedNo one caredFish belly upBirds cover in oilNot a tearDo you care?To stop and thinkAs you drove awayTossing your empty cola canHurry before you are lateCan't be bothered by the news As the oceans burned …

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Scots Greys Forward

Wake to fire and thunder.As the earth trembles.Coffee and hardtack.Light blowing rain.Bugles calling.Rattle of drums. Orders barked.Mighty mounts.Hoofs pawing.Saddles await.Cheering troopers.Look to the sergeants. Shakos pulled down.Power kept dry.Sa…

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Spooky Night

Black cat hissing…

Full MoonCrisp fall nightLeaves swirlingJack-O-LanternEerie grinningOwl hootingBlack cat hissingGoblins and GhostsCowboys and PrincessesLaughter and wondermentKit KatsBaby Ruth'sPeanut Butter cupsDragging bags of treatsDoor to doorChildren screamingT…

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Laughed at the Corporal…

End of another warm summer.Puffs of cotton clouds.Warm breezes off the Channel.Cow bells clanging.Peace. Dark clouds forming.Fear and Hate reclaimed.Stars sown.Synagogues lit the night.Still people went quiet.Fear.  Demi Gods spoke."One cannot shoot …

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Screaming Horses

Galloping hooves…

Battle joined.Thunder.Smoke and grape.Galloping horses.Pride of France. Wave upon wave.Silver blinding.They rode.Crasing uponRed sticks waiting in the sun. Flashing steel.Rattle of musketry.Friends and foes.Tangled.In deaths throes. As I wrote this.T…

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Choose Love

You are my Angel…

In my dreams.I am in your arms.Holding me.Quieting me.Saving me.Healing my broken heart.Teaching me.To love again.Your divine love.Humbles me.You are my Angel.Sent from above.I choose love. …

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Lest We Forget

Those who about to die I salute you…

We all have sat in our history classes as children. and studied and read about D-Day. June 6th  1944.To honour the ones that climbed into their landing crafts, rode across the channel to drop behind enemy lines, and ferried troops and equipment ashor…

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A Soldier's Life

Bully boys all…

I took the Bristish steelOn Bunker Hill.I sent grape shotOn Lake Erie. I fixed bayonets On Little Round Top.I felt the knifeAt Greasy Grass.I moved up the hillBully Boys all.I bled redFeeding poppy fields. I swatted mosquitoesOn the deck of Yorktown.…

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Open To Love

Tell me your fantasies…

Tell me your fearsSo I can relieve them.Tell me your painsSo I can ease them.Tell me your doubtsSo I may wash them away.Tell me your dreamsSo I may fulfill them.Tell me your fantasiesSo we can live them.Show me your heartSo I can love you.Open your s…

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Battle withinDespairNot worthyRagingHeart blacken EmptinessSoul lostPainStanding aloneDarknessGoating spectorsNumbnessMidnight gongs     …

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Tale of Howankan

When we were young children, our grandfather would takes us to camp. As we sat cross-legged around the evening fire, he started his tale of our past. Slowly he poked the fire, sending embers floating into the sky.   We waited for Grandfather to conti…

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The Letter Epilogue

On that cloudy day, she watched as a black sedan pulled into her driveway.  Her heart dropped as two dressed soldiers walked up to her front door.  Little Jake all but a year old on her hip, she knew to good would come from this visit. Both soldiers …

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Morning Mist burning offSoulful sound of loons in the distance.Two young friends,about to find love.Oars in the water,making ripples to the shore.Her brown eyes so bright,bouncing off the water.Water splashing her arms,balled up fists.As you laugh,yo…

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