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Myth But No Magic

“No! No, wait!” she pleaded, and he stopped and stared at her. His face had changed from desire to anger.

Ædith walked slowly, her heart was beating powerfully as the adrenalin flowed through her veins. This was the moment she had dreamed of as she stared straight ahead through the thin mesh of her veil. She looked neither right nor left, ignoring the admirin...

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Mitchell's Story: Part one

A few short bursts and the Messerschmitt was no longer a problem.

“You wanted to see me, Sir?” The middle-aged man behind the big oak desk, looked up as Robert Mitchell stood to attention and saluted smartly. “Ah, Pilot Officer Mitchell. Yes, indeed I did. At ease, relax.” Mitchell moved his feet apart and removed his h...


“Trouble is coming, Thorsten,” Ragnhild told me... "I can feel it."

It is peaceful now, the lake silent and cold. I am the last as I look back toward the now-distant shore. My wife and my children are safe and warm in our home. I will never see them again, not in this life. The hoards from the north have made sure of that...

Peace For Our Time, Chapter Two

“Don't send us away, Mum, Dad.”

Chapter 2 “You know what?” Jack said to no one in particular. “These last eight months have been really busy.” Little Albert and Georgie took no notice but continued to bicker over some insignificant disagreement. “Is it really?” he continued, the sarcasm...

Dream on

Could I be a poet?

I thought I'd write a poem, I imagine it can't be hard, A few words that ebb and flow. Something avant-garde. Should it be a story? Write about a war? Something quite original, That's not been done before? What about a work of peace? In praise of friends,...

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Chapter 1. Peace For Our Time

“You see? Didn't I tell you? There isn't going to be another war,”

“The settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem, which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace. This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is th...


Penny Lambert sat wallowing in misery after a serious road accident. If only it hadn't happened...

Penny Lambert sat in the darkest corner of the bar, nursing a glass of Orange juice. She checked her watch... again! Still only ten o'clock. She had never felt so lonely and miserable. In fact, the whole week had been miserable. Only one week before, she...

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A Matter of Time

"This mess is down to me. I caused that accident, and if we don't sort it out, and quickly, we are both in big trouble!”

“Hi, Mum!” “Jeannie! How lovely to hear from you. Where are you?” “I am on the motorway. I'm finally coming down to see you at last! I hope it's alright at such short notice.” Jeannie Powell had not seen her mother for nearly two years, not since before t...


Not once did she look at any of the other customers as she sat down and opened her laptop.

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, bluejeans, and a red hoodie. Nobody looked. No one cared. She was just another customer with a laptop, like so many others in the coffee shop. She ordered a drink, waited patiently,...

Over The Top

To my amazement, I didn't die!

“Goodnight, Miss. Go safely, now.”   I closed the door behind me, leaving the warm fireplace and friendly chatter behind, and stepped out into the cool night air. It had been a wonderful evening. I had only moved into the village the week before, exactly...

Death on the Lyle

A tale of carnage and destruction!

As soon as he entered the kitchen, Detective Inspector Tate knew that this had to be the same perp. Cupboards were thrown open and their contents scattered mercilessly about. His feet crunched on Cornflakes and Rice Crispies as he walked. A box, its innar...

Leave Me Alone

“Howdy!” the grey-haired man behind the counter smiled. “That'll be five dollars, please."

Don't ask me why. I probably couldn't tell you if I wanted to. I had been given an opportunity in New Orleans. It wasn't a tough assignment, and would only take a couple of days to complete, so I decided to drive there. Okay, now, that doesn't sound like...


Danny turned and ran, hiding behind his father. To a three-year-old, it was all rather frightening.

Little Danny was excited as he stood and stared at the locomotive and its rake of nine carriages. He thought it looked like a dragon with the plume of steam rising from its chimney and from the cylinders either side of the front wheels. Suddenly, there wa...

The Night

There is something utterly mesmerising about the River Thames at night.

The water flowed swiftly beneath my feet as I looked down from the parapet. There is something utterly mesmerising about the River Thames at night. The lights of the city reflected in the fast-flowing water have a beauty all of their own. Even on a wet ni...

The Party

He felt his stomach lurch, the contents rising...

The music pounded in his ears, vibrating through his head. “Oh no,” he thought. I've got to go home.” He closed his eyes, the flashing of the disco lights made his eyes hurt. He could hear the guests shouting above the throbbing rhythm. He vowed that he w...