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Dark_Apollo 4 years ago

A Soldier's Memory

A poem in memory of all those who have given their lives in war to give us peace

He lay stretched out on the narrow iron framed bed Idly staring at the cracked and blotchy ceiling, Its surface resembling a map of no man's land, A senseless wilderness of craters and barbed wire. Unthinking, his mind was empty of all fee...

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CKAcres 6 years ago

Her Shadow Knows

My sister heals me, she neutralizes my poisons.

This Unicorn's coat is shiny and black.It's said he's a shadow of his pearly sister.A ride through the dark while on his back.Reveals a magical love, from this drifter. The white unicorn defends all her family.Her shadow knows all...

frogprince 7 years ago

Cricket the Early Years Part 8

Cricket opens her valentines and tries to find out who filled her locker.

Cricket stood dumbfounded looking at her locker, as her new friends crowded around urging her to open it. They wanted to see if anything special was inside. Reluctantly Cricket pushed aside the pile of rose petals on the floor. The principal and some tea...

frogprince 7 years ago

Cricket the Early Years Part 7

Marcia and Naomi start at a new school. They make a new furry friend.

Christmas vacation started with unseasonably warm weather. Marcia and Naomi spent a lot of time together searching the woods. Their minds focused on vacation and forgot about school. Marcia showed Naomi where all the crickets lived. The girls followed th...