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Life Beyond

Outlet of Grief

The hot water streams over my body, engulfing me…My breaths become pants, then suddenly pause.My stare freezes at the water droplets passing by, as I see her face again.time stops…My breath removed, my blood gone cold, my heart drains,… like her.She is go...

Amor de Alma

A Day to Sail

“Whoaaa…” I answer as the first gust hits and she heels over, her rail dipping into the sea. Her bow pulls windward and I pull the wheel back while easing the mainsheet. A few minutes earlier the fog had moved in, leaving me suddenly surrounded in mist. I...

Before I Die

Find the passion in your life.

I would sail across the Pacific, Visit the islands so remote. I would see the Northern Lights, Upon my own sailboat.- I would ride the city subway, An empty car, late at night. Spend Carnival in Rio, Dressed as a winged knight.- Ride a gondola in Venice,...

For Words Alone

Love on the internet.

Can I love someone,Never seeing their face,Without their touch,Or their warm embrace?Can I love someone,Never seeing their eyes,Without their caress,Would it be wise?Can I love someone,Never seeing their smile,Without their kiss,Only their writing style?C...

Empty Kitchen

My father spoke of my mom's love of the sunrise at her funeral, thus I dedicate this to her.

“Shoot!” The exclamation punctuated the sound of pottery shattering. My neighbor, Karen had dropped a cup. It lay in shards across the hard kitchen tile. “Don’t worry, it’s just a cup. I have others,” I say, fetching the broom and dustpan. “I am sorry, so...

A Gilded Cage

Can a bird still fly in a gilded cage?

‘We approach each other, I gaze in your face, I find your lips tender, as we kiss in a daze. Again and again we kiss, with each more yearning then before, Then, I awaken, I am alone, yet not so alone as before.’ “There is Cayo Lobos, just up ahead.” Brian...