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Obsessions Stories



That everlasting tug game our desires play

Today I want to talk to you about this thing I have, this little game I play, a little game and I’ve played it since I was as well very little. I was born a real realist you see and I knew people aren't meant to have all the things they desire, I also kne...


come play a jigsaw with my brain

is it a single request? is it an infinite hard quest? what is this pain deep in my chest? I drive for miles every day I drive this lupping lonely way what is this rhyme I always play? I count from one up to a lot I count some serious some not where do you...

Just Punishment

flash fiction satire about obsession in frivolous trends

“This is insanely bogus. Craziness. I’m NOT giving them my cell phone; they can pry it out of my cold dead hands.” Wilson knew this was coming, Brittany had not listened, nor heeded any of his suggestions and now the court had handed down its verdict. He...