Why is Why so significant?…

"Why?"The word that pops into my head every day. Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking about past experiences. My life. Being depressed. Everything. Nothing. I don't know.People tell me I say 'I don't know' too much. But I don't care. Why should I? T…

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Strange Young Us

A typical conversation between me and a friend.…

"You got what for my mother?"Nick nodded. He turned to his window.I pulled softly at a clump of his brown hair. "Why?"He turned back and sighed with a small grin. "It's completely unexpected, so I thought, 'Hey, why not?'""You are strange," I said wi…

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The Six Hats

Thinking about thinking…

School. Teachers were stupid. Homework was stupid. Everything's stupid when you're a teenager.Especially when they tell you to 'think about thinking'.Sure, some people might find it interesting. But I didn't. it seemed pointless. Why think about thin…

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It was obviously mr walker...…

Greendale Primary was a school where nothing bad ever happened. Everything was good. Most of the teachers were loved by all the pupils. But there was no teacher like Mr Morrison. Mr Morrison was an art teacher. He told the children that there was no…

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'Twas a Special day

A poem based on 'Twas the night before Christmas'…

‘Twas a special day When throughout the town Nobody went around with a frown The ribbon was red To be cut, ‘twas said The mayor arrived in his fancy car So he could be seen from afar He went up to the new, big shop The sign was glowing, over the top …

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What will I choose?…

I run home after my dayI run back home for tea.The kettle is on, I kick off my shoesA plate full of biscuits awaits me.I examine the beauty of the single plateI hear my joy inside me, screamMy eyes scan the chocolate chip cookiesAnd the humble custa…

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Cass was lying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. It was summer, and she’d been looking forward to it, but this year, there was nothing to do. She heard her parents’ footsteps as they came up the stairs, so she slid under her duvet. The door ope…

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