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Cookies Stories


Cookies And A Mothers Love

Good mom, good cookies equals a good memory

Cookies and a Mothers Love In the kitchen, mom is baking awayWhile I am outside, happy at play. “Come in”, says she, a smile on her face“ Go to the table and take your place.” Warm from the oven appears a grand treatI rush to the table, quickly taking my...

Santa Shot My Dad

A jolly old fat man with a nickel-plated nine.

"It's not what it looks like," he said as I walked in. Ever since I was little I’d wanted to meet Santa, but silently sneaking down the stairs on Christmas Eve to find him standing over my father’s body was not how I’d pictured it. "You’ve kill my dad!" I...

A Sentry's Story

Sharing the Christmas Treasures

Sam trudged along the now familiar path around the storage area. Two hundred paces along the fence line, one hundred paces to the corner of the first building, two hundred fifty paces along the back of the building, and seventy-five paces back to the fenc...


What will I choose?

I run home after my dayI run back home for tea.The kettle is on, I kick off my shoesA plate full of biscuits awaits me.I examine the beauty of the single plateI hear my joy inside me, screamMy eyes scan the chocolate chip cookiesAnd the humble custard cre...