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Scamp's Adventures: A Trip to the Library

"best friends having fun"
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Scamp is a small long tailed monkey and is always planning things. Sparky is a Jack Russell terrier who is wise and tries to keep Scamp out of mischief. They are best friends. They live on a big farm with lots of friends and a sweet human lady who is patient and kind.It was early afternoon and the Lady wanted to visit the library in town. Scamp and Sparky loved hearing about the library and what it looked like. They loved when she read the books to them that she got from the library .

This time they wanted to see for themselves first hand. When the lady was busy getting ready and not paying attention they scurried out to the car and jumped in, hiding under the plaid blanket in the backseat. They were perfectly still so she wouldn't notice.She opened the door, climbed into the car, and started driving into town. After a few minutes Scamp and Sparky couldn't contain their excitement anymore and climbed out from hiding. She saw them in the rear view mirror and let out a giggle.

She said, "What are you little ones doing?"

They looked all innocent at her. She tried to look upset but couldn't be upset over the fact that they wanted to go with her.

"I'll try to get permission for you to come in the library but you have to be on your best behavior," she said.

Scamp made happy monkey noises and Sparky let out a happy bark. She pulled into the parking lot of the library and Scamp and Sparky got quiet and tried to look angelic.

"I'll be right back," she said.

They waited a few minutes and she came back smiling.

"You two can come in but you have to be good."

They climbed out of the car and walked quietly next to her.She opened the door to the library.

"Stay where I can see you and no monkey business!"

They didn't hear a word. They were off to look at the books in the Children's section since those are their favorite books. They went up and down the shelves til they found the Curious George books and Scamp pulled some off the bookshelf and Sparky let out a small bark. They wouldn't speak in front of the small humans.

They sat down among the books and the small humans came closer thinking they were animated stuffed animals. Scamp and Sparky entertained the kids with wagging tails from Sparky and swinging around by Scamp.The lady giggled and came over.

"Scamp and Sparky! I said no monkey business!"

She picked up their books and went to check them out. Scamp and Sparky walked quietly next to her. They couldn't wait to get back home to tell all their friends about the library. The three of them walked out and got in the car and sat well behaved til they got to the road that leads to the farm and they started chattering excitedly.

She said, "Excited to tell your friends little ones?"

They nodded excitedly as the car stopped. She opened the car door and they were off like a rocket to tell the others.They were excited and couldn't wait for reading time on the farm...


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