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Scamp, the monkey, and her friends are going on a picnic by the stream that runs near the farm. They are all excited about it. All of the animals are going on the picnic.

They are all having their favorite foods. Of course every critter has a different favorite food so they need a really big picnic basket. Lady packs up the wagon with the basket and blankets for the animals to sit on.

She leads them to the clearing by the stream. The clearing is perfect for an animal picnic. Scamp and Sparky, the pup, are chasing each other through the grass when they hear a twig break. They hear hooves clip-clopping and then they see a dashing looking small black horse. The pony freezes in his tracks and looks at them.

"Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you," says Scamp.

The horse comes a little closer looking hungry and frightened. Lady comes over to see what is going on and sees the poor, scared pony. She speaks softly to the horse so as not to spook him. He lets her touch him. He makes a pitiful neighing sound.

Lady says, "Let's get you some food and you can come home with us."

The horse follows along tentatively. Then he relaxes seeing the other animals.

Lady says, "You need a name, so we will call you Blackie."

The horse makes a happy noise and stamps his feet and whinies. The other animals gather around looking at him. Lady introduces him to the others.

"Blackie looks like he was abandoned and left here to fend for himself. He isn't much older than most of you. What do you think about bringing him home to live with us?" 

The animals all cheer.

Lady says, "I knew you sweet little ones would agree."

Lady gives Blackie some apple, carrot, and hay mix. He gobbles it up and is very happy to have a full belly. 

The animals invite him to play with them. They play tag and hide-and-seek. Then it's time to head home.  

Lady sets up a comfortable place in the barn for Blackie to have next to Jack, the resident donkey, who is the same age so he won't feel lonely. The area has a fluffy mattress and warm blankets. All the animals have comfy beds.

Lady goes into the house to do evening chores. In the barn all the creatures start talking at once telling Blackie how happy they are to have him there and how much he will love the farm.

Sparky speaks up over the noise, barking out, "One at a time or he's gonna get confused." 

Jack says, "You will love it here and I'm happy she put your sleeping quarters next to mine." 

Blackie whispers shyly, "Will she keep me even though I was abandoned?"

Scamp wraps herself around Blackie's right leg and looks up at him. "She will keep you. She loves all animals and everyone here was rescued from different situations." 

Sparky speaks up again. "Time to get settled into our beds. She will be in soon to say good night and read us a story."

Lady comes in and they settle down to where they all can hear her. She reads from a book of fairy tales.

When the story is done she says, "Good night my little ones. I love you."

She says, "Blackie, I'm glad you're here. I already love you and you will be safe now." 

Lady tucks everyone into their sleeping quarters and kisses their foreheads.

She turns on the night light and makes sure the heat is up enough to keep everyone warm and snuggly. 

The animals all drift off to sleepy land wondering what the next adventure is...

Written by DenimAngel
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