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Author's Notes

"This is the continuing adventures of Scamp the monkey and her friends."

Today on the farm...

Today started off as a normal day. The animals enjoyed their favorite breakfast. When they were finished they got cleaned up and went off to play in the pasture.

Lady called them over to her. They came running over to her and settled down.

Lady said, "Today we are going to have a visitor. It's time for checkups for everyone so the vet is coming."

The animals let out a groan.

Lady said, "If you behave there will be a special treat after supper."

The animals went off to play some more.

Sparky was the first to see the vet's truck turn into the driveway. There was an animal transport attached to the truck. He barked to get the others' attention.

They gathered around and waited. They all loved Dr. Jones. They were curious about the animal in the carrier.

Lady said, "Hi, Dr. Jones. What animal do you have in your animal carrier today?"

Dr. Jones replied, "Hi, Miss Emily. I have a baby lamb about six weeks old who lost her momma. Can you take her in?"

Miss Emily said, "Of course, I'm sure my little ones will love another new friend and fur family member. Does she have a name?"

Dr. Jones said, "Yes, her name is Lynnie."

The lamb bleated when she heard her name. Dr. Jones let her out of the carrier and she shot out like a rocket and checked out the other animals.

Lynnie went up to Cutie, the cat, and they rubbed noses.

Sparky, the pup, saw the look in Scamp's eyes. Sparky grabbed the monkey's tail. Scamp always tried to run off when the vet came.

All the animals got a clean bill of health. They played for a bit. The other animals were happy to have Lynnie join their family but sad that she lost her momma.

Miss Emily then called them for supper.

They all got vanilla ice cream as a special treat. Lynnie and Cutie were now inseparable. Miss Emily saw that and put their sleeping area next to each other.

Miss Emily read the animals a bedtime story from the adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

She tucked in all the animals and told them She loved them.

The animals couldn't wait till the next adventure...


Written by DenimAngel
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